Car Rear View Mirror Shade (2PCS)
Car Rear View Mirror Shade (2PCS)
Car Rear View Mirror Shade (2PCS)
Car Rear View Mirror Shade (2PCS)

Car Rear View Mirror Shade (2PCS)

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Car Rear View Mirror Shade keeps your driving journey safe by preventing raindrops, snow and sun glare from blocking the rear mirror. You can have a clearer rear view all the time without weather limitation.

It comes with adhesive tape on the back. You will find it easy to install on dual sides of rear view mirror. 


  • Allows clear view and safe driving in rain and snow
  • Prevents sun glare when driving
  • Removes raindrops blowing from the top of mirror cross
  • Easy installation: Just peel and stick on the car rear mirror with adhesive tape
  • Flexible and universal: Can be bent to suit most of vehicle models

  1. Clean and dry the side mirror
  2. Tear off red adhesive tape
  3. Stick to the top side of the mirror. Press to make sure it is firmly stuck
  • Material: High quality resin
  • Size: 18cm x 6cm

  • 2 x Car Rear View Mirror Shade


  1. Please install the rainproof blades on sunny day
  2. Before installation, thoroughly clean the inside of rear view mirror
  3. In cold weather, you'd better heat the adhesive tape by hair dryer
  4. After installation, press the blades firmly for 6~10 minutes to ensure a good grip of the adhesive
  5. Do not wash the car in three days